Life-threa­tening situa­tions, whe­ther they are medi­cal emer­gen­ci­es or vio­lent attacks, mean a high loss of control.

The visi­on of our work is to pro­vi­de a simp­le and smart func­tio­n­ing over­all solu­ti­on for see­min­gly hopeless situations.

Our app­li­ca­ti­on is a reli­able sup­por­ter, your BUDDY, that gives you the abi­li­ty to actively pro­vi­de yourself and your rela­ti­ves with the necessa­ry help in life-threa­tening situations.

We foun­ded eBud­dies to acti­ve con­tri­bu­te to a safe world.


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